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unitarian jihad communique 3

Today I recieved another message from the Unitarian Jihad in my inbox, urging me to repost widely:

>|< What is the Unitarian Jihad? Most people feel familiar with the term “jihad,” but are not as familiar with what it means to be “Unitarian.” Therefore, let us discuss the meaning of jihad.

Outside of Islam, and within its “fundamentalist” interpretations, it is understood to mean holy war. There is another meaning that the term has been used to refer to; namely the inner jihad to remain a pious, observant Muslim. The Unitarian Jihad takes on both aspects, within our own context. By now it is widely known that our ranks are filled with ideocide bombers, graffitoclasts, chaosophers and tantric missionaries. What many do not realize is that as we act to tear down the conceptual idols and Towers of Babel of the orthodoxy, we are also smashing and rebuilding our own constructions. Impermanence is one of the Three Marks of Existence. The orthodox must not realize this, for they cling to their institutions. To have the faith of a child is to gleefully enjoy building with blocks as well as knocking them over.

Yours in chaos and agape,
Fr. Damocles
(pass this on)>|<