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It looked to me like your large scale deletion on June 22, 2007 was an error. Much of the content I'd added to the CMS page along with a lot that was added before me was all deleted. I restored the page to how it looked before. If you do feel that content should be all removed I'd like to discuss it further to see if your concerns can be accommodated with a different and more constructive edit/revision/rewrite.

Regards, Mark mwpeters

Hello Wf9Ad1

I'm assuming the result of your actions on July 22 (which deleted the entire section on Content Management Systems) was an error.

I restored the system to the state it was in prior to your editing session. Since this has happened twice while you were editing this section, you may want to review your operation or do some Wiki editing in the sandbox area until you are more sure of yourself. If you find something invalid that you can correct, please address it through corrective edits. If you find something otherwise disagreeable in this section please address it instead through discussion. If you are an evil destructive robot ;) .... please go away.

Regards, Mark (user mwp)