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'''Welcome to UUWiki!'''
'''Resource Sites'''
UUWiki is dedicated to helping Unitarian Universalists '''share ideas and work together''' using a "[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki wiki]".  Material that is [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:What_Wikipedia_is_not encyclopedic] is generally better suited for [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Wikipedia]. Please contribute by editing these articles and adding your own.
*[http://uupdates.net UUpdates] - News aggregator for syndicated Unitarian Universalist web sites, listing more than 250 UU blogs
*[http://www.philocrites.com/archives/000587.html Philocrites' Guide to UU Blogs] - an annotated list hosted by blogger Philocrites
To learn more about "wikis" and how easy it is to contribute to this site, [[#About this Wiki|see below]].
*[http://www.uua.org/socialmedia/blogs/ UUA advice about blogs]
*[http://www.uua.org/socialmedia/blogs/144974.shtml UUA blogs] at blogs.uua.org
*'''[[UUWiki Support Pages for UUA sponsored Mailing Lists]]'''
**[[Antiracist-UU]] -- Antiracist UU activities, resources, ideas
**[[ChurchMgmtSoftware]] -- Discussion of Software for Membership, Contributions and Finances.
**[[Civil Liberties]] -- Discussion of Civil Liberties
**[[LREDA-L]] -- Discussion for LREDA members
**[[OWL-L]] -- Discussion for Our Whole Lives leaders
**[[Policy Based Governance]] -- Policy Governance model of board governance in UU congregations
**[[PR-L]] -- Sharing the good news about UUism
**[[REACH-L]] - Religious education discussion
**[[UUBF-L]] -- Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship
**[[UUHS-chat]] -- Discussion of UU History and Historical Research
**[[UU-leaders]] -- Discussion of issues for UU congregation leadership
**[[UU-Money]] -- Sharing among Society Finance Leaders
**[[Websters| Websters]] -- building and maintaining UU webpages
**[[Worship-l]] -- Preparing for and presenting successful worship services
*'''[http://uua.org/ Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)] topics'''
**[[Merger of two Protestant Christian denominations]]
**[[Principles and Purposes Revision]]
**[[Social Witness Process Bylaws Changes]] - for vote at GA 2006
**Congregational Study Action Issues (CSAI)
*** 2008-2012 [[Ethical Eating]]: Food and Environmental Justice
*** 2006-2010 [[Peacemaking]]
***[http://www.uua.org/csw/ Commission on Social Witness]: explains the process for on SAIs and AIWs
***[[Proposed Study Action Issues]] - UUWiki discussions of proposals, which are due December 15 of each year
**Statements of Conscience (SoC)
*** 2005-2007 [[Moral Values for a Pluralistic Society]]
*** 2004-2006 [[Threat of Global Warming]]
*** 2003-2005 [[Criminal Justice and Prison Reform]]
*** 2002-2004 [[Civil Liberties]]
*** 2001-2003 [http://bcn.boulder.co.us/~neal/uu/globalization/ Economic Globalization]
*** [http://www.uua.org/actions/ UUA's previous SoC's and other Social Justice Statements]
**Actions of Immediate Witness (AIW)
***[[Proposed Actions of Immediate Witness]] (due on Saturday of General Assembly each year)
**Business Resolutions
***[[Proposed Business Resolutions and Bylaws changes]] (due February 1 of each year)
**General Assembly FAQs
*'''[[UUA Districts]]'''
**See http://www.uua.org/DIST/index.html for a map and list
**See [[UUA Districts]] for UUWiki pages devoted to collaborative activities in districts
*'''Independent Affiliate organizations'''
**''See [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unitarian_Universalism#Organizations Unitarian Universalist Organizations in Wikipedia]''
** [[Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans]]
** [[Unitarian Jihad]]
**[http://www.uua.org/resources/ UUA resources]
**[http://www.cuc.ca/ Canadian association]
**[http://www.icuu.net/ International UUs]
**[http://www.uuism.net/uuphpbb UUism.net Support Forum]
**[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unitarian_Universalism Wikipedia on UUism]
**[[List of UU blogs]]
**[[List of UU podcasts]]
**[[List of Unitarian Universalists]]
**[[Other UU Wikis]]
**[[Current events]]
*'''Religious Education Resources'''
**[[Continental UU Young Adults Network]]
**[[Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREdA)]]
**[[UUA Office of Youth and Young Adults]]
**[[Religious educators' webpages]]
*'''Worship Resources'''
==About this Wiki==
'''Individual Sites'''
A '''Wiki''', or WikiWikiWeb, is a collaborative hypertext environment, with an emphasis on easy access to and modification of information.
'''You''' can edit any nearly any page by pressing the '''edit''' tab at the top of the page. And if you
*[http://www.aestheticdepth.blogspot.com Aesthetic Depth] Unitarian Universalist liberal faith infused with a healthy dose of irony.
see clear vandalism, '''you''' can easily [[UUWiki:How to revert a page to an earlier version|revert it to an earlier version]].  
*[http://jesspages.net/bestofuu Best of UU] - the Good News of Unitarian Universalism, three times a week.
*[http://homepage.mac.com/kimjacobs/BlueUU BlueUU] - How a Unitarian Universalist lives her religious beliefs
To learn more about what a Wiki is, and why vandalism is less of a problem than you may think, see the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki Wikipedia page on wikis], or read about [[http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WhyWikiWorks WhyWikiWorks]].
*[http://www.errantfrogs.net/ bytes of grass] - Rev. Bret Lortie
A few pages can be "protected" to cut down on wikispam. If the wiki doesn't let you edit a page, use the "discussion" tab to ask one of the sysadmins to change the page.
*[http://callingministers.blogspot.com/ Calling Ministers] - Examining & Interviewing for UU Ministry
*[http://celestiallands.org/ Celestial Lands] - Unitarian Universalist Liberal Faith blog, journal, and library.
Note that all pages on UUWiki are licensed under the [http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html GNU Free Documentation License] as discussed at [[UUWiki:Copyrights]]. Do not submit copyrighted work without permission!
*[http://chalicechick.blogspot.com/ The ChaliceBlog]
*[http://www.coffeehour.org/ Coffee Hour] - "Where Unitarian Universalist bloggers mix it up."
Interesting starting points for this wiki:
*[http://cabaretic.blogspot.com/ Comrade Kevin's Chrestomathy]- Another Damn Stupid Liberal Blog.  
* [[Help:Contents]]: help to get you going
*[http://www.wizdum.net/confessions/ Confessions of an Evangelical UU]- Reflections on theology, society, how the heck did I get here and where are we going?
* [[Sand box]]: feel free to change this page and experiment with editing, because that's what it's there for
*[http://www.crankycindy.blogspot.com Cranky Cindy Changes the World].
* [[Help:Editing]]: How to make links, lists, headers, etc.
*[http://www.donaldwilson.info/uu/ Donald O'Bloggin ] - A weblog by Donald Wilson, focusing on Young Adult affairs, technology, and UU systems interaction
* [[Special:Recentchanges]]: see which topics people are currently working on here
*[http://fuuse.com/ FUUSE - The Voice of the RevolUUtion ] - The Media Community of Unitarian Universalist Youth and Young Adults
* [[Special:Popularpages]]: the most popular pages
*[http://happycindy.blogspot.com Happy Cindy Changes the World].
* [[Installation experiences]] and information for administrators.
*[http://unitaren.blogspot.com/ History of Unitarianism in Norway (and link to Nordic Unitarian history)]
*[http://www.uusc.org/blog/hotwire.html Hotwire] - "The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee weblog, detailing human rights issues."
With this wiki software, there is a "discussion" (or "Talk") page for each normal page.
*[http://uuawo.blogspot.com/ Inspired Faith, Effective Action]--The Blogs of the UUA Washington Office for Advocacy
Normal practice is to try to reflect the current consensus on the actual "article" pages, without
*[http://iChalice.blogspot.com/ iChalice] - the blog of a Meadville-Lombard seminarian, Scott McNeill.  Podcasting to start in June.
attribution of who contributed what, and to use the "Talk" page (click on the "discussion" tab at the top) to talk ''about'' that consensus, in signed entries.  If you "'''log in'''" (via the link in the upper right - a quick, painless process after initial email confirmation) you can easily sign and timestamp your contributions to talk pages by entering four
*[http://imperfectgenius.homeschooljournal.net Imperfect Genius] - "Redefining brilliance one day at a time." Personal reflections and random musings on life as an eclectic family of UUs.
tildas in a row: <nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>
*[http://www.infidelityblog.org/ Infidelity] - "Reflecting on the intersection between atheism and Unitarian Universalism"
*[http://jesspages.net/jessjournal Jess's Journal] - "Musings, daily goings-on, occasional rants from a UU singer, seminary wife, and mom of 2"
Another good reason to log in, is that you can mark pages you want to keep track of and track
*[http://liberalfaith.blogspot.com/ Liberal Faith Development] - "commentary on Unitarian Universalist faith development in congregations and the wider liberal religious community"
updates via '''my watchlist'''.
*[http://www.lookingforfaith.org/ Looking for Faith] - "Are you seeking a fresh start in your spiritual journey? Visit Looking for Faith."
*[http://revricky.blogspot.com/ One More Step] - the blog associated with RevRicky.com Your Online Spiritual Community
Please use the [[sand box]] to try things out, rather than creating new test pages.
*[http://justworld.typepad.com/perspectives/ A People so Bold!] "Religious commentary with a liberationist twist."
*[http://www.philocrites.com/ Philocrites] - "Commentary on liberal religion and politics"
*[http://www.promisethechildrenuu.org/blog/ Promise the Children] - Resources for UU's to advocate for and with children and youth.
Quick Wikilinks: [[Special:Popularpages|Popular pages]] ~ [[Special:Newpages|Newest pages]] ~ [[Special:Ancientpages|Oldest pages]] ~ [[Special:Allpages|All pages]] ~ [[Special:Listusers|Users]]
*[http://natewalker.blogspot.com/ Nate Walker's Ministerial blog] - "With you on my mind and in my heart, i mold our dreams into the shape of my most private need; i sculpt them into the image of my most public self."
*[http://radicalhapa.typepad.com/my_weblog/ Radical Hapa] - Unitarian Universalist Hapa Social Justice
*[http://www.returningblog.com/ Returning. . . ] - "UU minister writing about religion, culture, and whatever amuses me."
*[http://revoluutions.blogspot.com/  (r)evolUUtions] a UU who is also an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps
*[http://rootandsource.blogspot.com/ Root and Source]
*[http://ruaiuuchurch.org/ Ruai/Tasia Unitarian Universalist Church] - site and blog of congregation in Kenya - let's connect to a larger world
*[http://www.sunoida.org/blog/ Share The Knowledge: Evangelism for Liberal Religion]
*[http://www.talkhumanism.com/ Talk: Humanism] - "A collaborative blogging community for religious humanists."
*[http://transientandpermanent.blogspot.com/ Transient and Permanent] - "Reflections on Unitarian-Universalism"
*[http://www.wizdum.net/moments/ Unexpected Moments of Grace]- Recognizing the work of the Spirit in the day to day.
*[http://uu-mom.livejournal.com/ UU Mom] - Lifelong UU spreading the word

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