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== Comparison of services used by UUs ==
#REDIRECT [[OWL 7-9 Session 3: Sexual Messages in Popular Music]]
=== [http://www.3ix.org/ 3ix] ===
'''Operating System''' - Linux
'''Features''' - cPanel with Fantastico and a long list of Open Source programs
'''Cost''' - 4 packages range from $12/yr. to $88/yr. ($73 additional for SSL & dedicated IP using their top 2 packages with Shell Access)
*From JoyceD 4/27/2008 - I was having good experience with it, but recently the tech support has been atrocious and my church site was hacked several times. I recommend that you find a service with an 800 number so you can speak directly with your tech support.  I would not recommend this service! Though I do still have a couple of sites using it as they have minimal service & have not experienced any problems.
=== [http://www.bluehost.com/ Blue Host] ===
'''Operating System''' - Linux
'''Features''' - cPanel with Fantastico and a long list of Open Source programs - 1 package only, includes Shell Access
'''Cost''' - $6.95/mo. if you sign up for 2 yrs. up front ($166.80/2 yrs. = $83.40/yr.)
*From JoyceD 11/7/2007 - I have log-in capability on a site that uses it, but I haven't dealt with them directly. I see a lot of people think they're great, but I compared software versions and they're not up-to-date on everything. I believe it's their customer service that gets them top ratings, which includes 24X7 toll free phone support. I have also read some reviews from unsatisfied customers, though.
*From UUCSV-web 6/21/08 - I've been very pleased with Blue Host.  They rarely have a service outage. The user interfaces and web stats packages get better all the time.
*[http://www.jpduua.org/ Joseph Priestley District]
*[http://www.uucsv.org/  UU Congregation of the Susquehanna Valley]
=== [http://drak.net/ DrakNet] ===
'''Slogan''' - Blue Hosting in a Red State with a focus on Green!
'''Operating System''' - "Linux hosting solutions powered fully by 100% renewable energy"
'''Features''' - "One fully working copy of the powerful Content Management System Soholaunch Pro is included with every, single hosting account, a $149 value."
'''Cost''' -  AlmostFree Account for $0/m for "progressive" non-profits = $25 set up, no annual charge
'''Reviews''' - I got a good review from someone on Soholaunch forum - see "Features" for churches and orgs who'd like to use the [[Content_Management_System#Soholaunch|content management system Soholaunch]].
=== [http://dreamhost.com/ DreamHost] ===
'''Operating System''' - Linux (Debian "Sarge" 3.1r4)
'''[http://dreamhost.com/hosting.html Features]''' - Web hosting (Apache with PHP, Perl, Ruby, CGI, SSI, FastCGI, etc.). Comprehensive array of pre-installed or easily-installed services, including WordPress, Gallery, Joomla, phpBB, MediaWiki, Jabber, CVS, Subversion, WebDAV, streaming audio & video, and WebCalendar. Secure POP / IMAP / SMTP email service with SquirrelMail webmail. FTP. Procmail. Secure shell (SSH). Databases (MySQL). Spam filtering. Snapshot backups. Great control panel. Site statistics. File Storage. Custom DNS. WHOIS privacy. Unique IP and SSL available.
'''Resources''' - Basic account gets 500GB + 5TB monthly bandwidth, both of which increase every week. Unlimited databases, email accounts, shell users, hosted domains and subdomains.
'''Cost''' - $11/month + $50 startup fee. Monthly cost and startup fees decline with increasing prepaid term. Promo Codes readily available to reduce cost further. IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profits qualify for free hosting of one domain for as long as non-profit status is recognized; see the DreamHost website for details on applying.
*From Stonewall Ballard 2007/11/09 - First Parish in Concord has used DreamHost since June of 2005. I chose it because it was cheap and offered enough space for our photo gallery. Web and database services tends to be slow. Outages are not uncommon. Outgoing email is frequently blacklisted by Comcast, Verizon, and AOL. OTOH, it's very easy to use and very flexible. For example, I installed my own copy of SpamAssassin. It has a large set of services. Support is variable, but usually ok. They're very open about problems in their blog and forums. Do not choose DreamHost if you want high reliability. Go with Pair for that.
*From Erik Bertrand 2010/06/10 - UU Congregation in Milford (NH) has used DreamHost since we went live with a totally redesigned website in February 2010.  We actually get hosting for free through our 401(c)(3) non-profit status. You need only provide them with an official IRS determination letter to qualify.  Service is good and uptime looks to be excellent, but performance isn't the best for sure.  We're running a PHP-based CMS (CMS Made Simple) with a MySQL database back-end.
*[http://www.firstparish.org/ www.firstparish.org]
*[http://www.uucm.org/ www.uucm.org]
=== [http://oneworldhosting.com/ OneWorldHosting.com] ===
'''Operating System''' - Linux
'''Features''' - Web hosting (Apache, PHP, CGI, and Perl), Spam blocker tools, Free SSL, Telnet/SSH, FrontPage extensions, Control Panel, Traffic Analysis Tools, webmail, multiple MySQL databases,  mailing lists, SiteXpress web site builder
'''Cost''' - $14.95 monthly or $9.95/mo. when paying for 2 year (for 5 GB storage & 30 ).
*From JoyceD 4/27/2008 - Great customer service. Great for SiteBuilder if you want a flexible design content management system. A little pricey if you don't need all the features and tech support.
*[http://www.drchrisbell.com/ Chris Bell, UU Author]
=== [http://simple.be/hosting/ Simple.be] ===
'''Operating System''' - Linux
'''Features''' - Web hosting (Apache, PHP, CGI, and Perl), Secure POP / IMAP / SMTP email service, Secure shell (SSH) & secure copy (SCP), Databases (MySQL & PostgreSQL), Anti-spam service, Snapshot backups, support for Windows or Mac
'''Cost''' - 6 packages from $14/month (for 80 MB storage and 3 email aliases) up.
*From PatRodgers 2007/11/08 - Brett Hamilton has hosted our www.mpuuc.org website for almost 4 years.  He walked me through the WinSCP setup and quickly handles changes in the forwarding of our email aliases.  Readily available via email or phone.
*[http://www.mpuuc.org/ Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation]
=== [http://www.uuism.net/index.php UUism Networks] ===
'''Operating System''' - Linux CentOS 5
'''Features''' - cPanel administrative panel - "comes with Web Site, Subdirectory Access (FTP), Shell Access (SSH) and Email Server Access (POP3)"
'''Cost''' - "$36 per year for 60 MB with free setup" (as of 1/1/2011) up to 8+ GB for $99 per year
*From JoyceD 11/7/2007 - I've used it for ~8 yrs. & it has improved over time. I've only used it for services that our UU host, Jim Hermann, has offered free. THANKS, JIM! He serves over 100 UU congregations and organizations.
*From BruceC 2007/11/7 - I've used this service for many years.  Our main pages are still hosted on a local community based service for non-profit pages.  But they don't offer server programs so I have been migrating more and more to uuism.  First was our domain name, then email lists, then the forums and now we are rebuilding our site in Joomla.  Site availability has been much better than 99%.  Response to emailed questions is usually within a couple of hours.
*From PatG 12/10/2007 - We've used for for the past two or three years for all of our hosting needs - main site, mailing lists, blog, and web calendar. Jim is a great help providing tech support and assistance especially when he hears a desperate call for help.
*[http://www.rec-room.org/ REC-Room]
*[http://www.uuism.net/uuwiki/ UU Wiki] - this site
*[http://HUUweb.org/ Harrisonburg UU]
*[http://huuweb.org/community-cafe/ HUU Community Cafe]
=== [http://www.vervehosting.com/ Verve Hosting] ===
'''Operating System''' - Linux
'''Features''' - cPanel, Fantastico (automatically installs Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc.), multiple MYSQL databases, multiple domains and subdomains, SSH, PHP 4 or 5, Awstats, Spam Assasin, FTP, Imap
'''Cost''' - as low as $5.95 a month
*From Chris Walton 11/9/2007 - I've hosted [http://www.philocrites.com/ Philocrites] and several other websites with Verve for four years. They provide extremely stable hosting and almost immediate customer support. Domain registration from $11.95 is slightly higher than from other services.
*[http://www.philocrites.com/ Philocrites]
*[http://www.jameslutheradams.org/ James Luther Adams Foundation]

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