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There are various other UUs out there who have web sites or specific pages that have recomendations on how to build a good web site.
; www.faithandweb(dot)com/best-posts/
: Faith and Web, a church diva's musings... Best Posts include Getting Started, How To - or - the Nuts & Bolts, Graphics, & more (you'll need to copy & paste the URL & replace "(dot)" with a dot as a spam precaution)
; http://bertc.com/cuc_workshop.htm
: Bert Christensen did a workshop at the Canadian Unitarian Council Annual Conference and Meeting titled, "Building Good Church Websites."
; http://www.unitarian.org/media/crafting/crafting.html
: Some introductory materials that may be a bit dated, but certainly are good for introduction to building/mainting one's own web site. One of the authors, Kent Koeninger, has a knack for straightforward and insightful presentations.
; http://www.md-dc-va-churches.org/SPREAD-THE-FLAME.doc (Word doc)
: 4 page document to use as basic standards for UU congregation web sites by Joseph Priestley District Public Outreach team
; https://www.facebook.com/groups/uuwebsitelab/
: Facebook UU Website Lab

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