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'''Resource Sites'''
#REDIRECT [[OWL 7-9 Session 3: Sexual Messages in Popular Music]]
*[http://uupdates.net UUpdates] - News aggregator for syndicated Unitarian Universalist web sites, listing more than 250 UU blogs
*[http://www.philocrites.com/archives/000587.html Philocrites' Guide to UU Blogs] - an annotated list hosted by blogger Philocrites
*[http://www.uua.org/socialmedia/blogs/ UUA advice about blogs]
*[http://www.uua.org/socialmedia/blogs/144974.shtml UUA blogs] at blogs.uua.org
*[https://www.facebook.com/groups/uubloggers/ UU Blogger Lab on Facebook]
'''Individual Sites'''
*[http://www.aestheticdepth.blogspot.com Aesthetic Depth] Unitarian Universalist liberal faith infused with a healthy dose of irony.
*[http://jesspages.net/bestofuu Best of UU] - the Good News of Unitarian Universalism, three times a week.
*[http://homepage.mac.com/kimjacobs/BlueUU BlueUU] - How a Unitarian Universalist lives her religious beliefs
*[http://www.errantfrogs.net/ bytes of grass] - Rev. Bret Lortie
*[http://callingministers.blogspot.com/ Calling Ministers] - Examining & Interviewing for UU Ministry
*[http://celestiallands.org/ Celestial Lands] - Unitarian Universalist Liberal Faith blog, journal, and library.
*[http://chalicechick.blogspot.com/ The ChaliceBlog]
*[http://www.coffeehour.org/ Coffee Hour] - "Where Unitarian Universalist bloggers mix it up."
*[http://cabaretic.blogspot.com/  Comrade Kevin's Chrestomathy]- Another Damn Stupid Liberal Blog.
*[http://www.wizdum.net/confessions/ Confessions of an Evangelical UU]- Reflections on theology, society, how the heck did I get here and where are we going?
*[http://www.crankycindy.blogspot.com Cranky Cindy Changes the World].
*[http://www.donaldwilson.info/uu/ Donald O'Bloggin ] - A weblog by Donald Wilson, focusing on Young Adult affairs, technology, and UU systems interaction
*[http://fuuse.com/ FUUSE - The Voice of the RevolUUtion ] - The Media Community of Unitarian Universalist Youth and Young Adults
*[http://happycindy.blogspot.com Happy Cindy Changes the World].
*[http://unitaren.blogspot.com/ History of Unitarianism in Norway (and link to Nordic Unitarian history)]
*[http://www.uusc.org/blog/hotwire.html Hotwire] - "The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee weblog, detailing human rights issues."
*[http://uuawo.blogspot.com/ Inspired Faith, Effective Action]--The Blogs of the UUA Washington Office for Advocacy
*[http://iChalice.blogspot.com/ iChalice] - the blog of a Meadville-Lombard seminarian, Scott McNeill.  Podcasting to start in June.
*[http://imperfectgenius.homeschooljournal.net Imperfect Genius] - "Redefining brilliance one day at a time." Personal reflections and random musings on life as an eclectic family of UUs.
*[http://www.infidelityblog.org/ Infidelity] - "Reflecting on the intersection between atheism and Unitarian Universalism"
*[http://jesspages.net/jessjournal Jess's Journal] - "Musings, daily goings-on, occasional rants from a UU singer, seminary wife, and mom of 2"
*[http://liberalfaith.blogspot.com/ Liberal Faith Development] - "commentary on Unitarian Universalist faith development in congregations and the wider liberal religious community"
*[http://www.lookingforfaith.org/ Looking for Faith] - "Are you seeking a fresh start in your spiritual journey? Visit Looking for Faith."
*[http://revricky.blogspot.com/ One More Step] - the blog associated with RevRicky.com Your Online Spiritual Community
*[http://justworld.typepad.com/perspectives/ A People so Bold!] "Religious commentary with a liberationist twist."
*[http://www.philocrites.com/ Philocrites] - "Commentary on liberal religion and politics"
*[http://www.promisethechildrenuu.org/blog/ Promise the Children] - Resources for UU's to advocate for and with children and youth.
*[http://natewalker.blogspot.com/ Nate Walker's Ministerial blog] - "With you on my mind and in my heart, i mold our dreams into the shape of my most private need; i sculpt them into the image of my most public self."
*[http://radicalhapa.typepad.com/my_weblog/ Radical Hapa] - Unitarian Universalist Hapa Social Justice
*[http://www.returningblog.com/ Returning. . . ] - "UU minister writing about religion, culture, and whatever amuses me."
*[http://revoluutions.blogspot.com/  (r)evolUUtions] a UU who is also an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps
*[http://rootandsource.blogspot.com/ Root and Source]
*[http://ruaiuuchurch.org/ Ruai/Tasia Unitarian Universalist Church] - site and blog of congregation in Kenya - let's connect to a larger world
*[http://www.sunoida.org/blog/ Share The Knowledge: Evangelism for Liberal Religion]
*[http://www.talkhumanism.com/ Talk: Humanism] - "A collaborative blogging community for religious humanists."
*[http://transientandpermanent.blogspot.com/ Transient and Permanent] - "Reflections on Unitarian-Universalism"
*[http://www.wizdum.net/moments/ Unexpected Moments of Grace]- Recognizing the work of the Spirit in the day to day.
*[http://uu-mom.livejournal.com/ UU Mom] - Lifelong UU spreading the word

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