FUUCSL Notecard Reader Instructions

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You need to get one of these from Etaoin Barcelona.

Edit the object, and load a Notecard in the "Content" tab. The notecard reader will type the card, one line at a time (usually). The text of the notecard will appear in other avatars' text chat windows. Note that the text will appear as a "scripted object" which will usually by some colored text.

When the owner of the notecard-reader touches it (that is you!) a dialog will appear. It will have the line number and first few words (or full line if short) of the next line that will be said. Your choices are:

  • Say Next: Say the next line. Note there may be a half-second delay after pressing the button (longer if SL is ill).
  • Say Para: Say the next lines until it stops after saying the next blank line (or end of notecard).
  • Skip Next: Don't say the next line. Useful when I put little notes to myself in the notecard.
  • More Stuff: This will bring up another menu. The choices are:
    • Chat: Text chat will be in "normal" volume: avatars up to 20m away will see the text chat.
    • Shout: Text chat will be in "shout" volume: avatars up to 100m away will see the text chat.
    • Silent: Text will not be see, though the line counter will advance.
    • OwnerOnly: Text will only be seen in the owner's (your) window. Maybe useless, but very easy to add the function!
    • Whisper: Text chat will be seen in "whisper" volume: avatars up to 5m away will see the text chat.
    • Restart: Reset the next line to be chatted to be the first line on the notecard.

When you hit the end of the notecard, a dialog will appear with "Restart" or "Done". Hit Restart to restart reading the notecard from the beginning, or Done to make the dialog disappear. The "Done" button is functionally equivalent to "Ignore".

On every dialog is an "Ignore" button that will make the dialog disappear. The notecard reader is infinitely patient. You can restore the dialog by touching the notecard reader. It will pick up reading where it left off; look at the dialog to see the next line to be chatted.

When rezzing and placing the reader, watch the swirly particles that will appear when the object "speaks" in text chat; this could be distracting.