First UU Church of Second Life

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First Unitarian Universalist Church of Second Life

This is the initial launch page for information about FUUCSL. Members of the church can use the UUwiki to put information about the church.
If you are playing Second Life (see Second Life Main Web Page) be sure to check out the sanctuary in Lovelace, or the old sanctuary in Modesta.

Church history

Someone can put in interesting factoids about this wonderful church.

Church Committee

What's a UU church without multiple committees? Committee pages are in this section. These are the EB's first cut at the committee structure; this structure will change.

Board of Trustees






Social Responsibility


Small Group Ministry


Building and Grounds






Church documents

Pointers to church management documentation can be placed here. Other members can use the wiki to evolve these documents.



UU areas in Second Life.

What we're doing. Where we live. Note some URLs in this section will send you right to that location if you are a Second Life user.

The main sanctuary in Lovelace.

The old sanctuary in Modesta.

The interesting cave system in Modesta.

There is a collection of UU's living in Vigdorova. You can visit the Burning Shrub.

Other information

Pages that deal with FUUSCL should have a "FUUSCL_" prefix to set them apart here in the UUwiki.

Other UU SL web sites

The website:

The Google group:

Virgil's French UU site:

The SL UUtopia site:

Bizarre Berry is a TV star! See the interview. Note it's nearly 200 Meg in size; you may want to download it first.