OWL 7-9 Personal Concerns About Puberty

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Put a checkmark next to any topics that interest or concern you. Circle any words or phrases you do not understand. Thanks!

_____Feelings of embarrassment during conversations about sexuality

_____ The size or shape of my penis (males) or breasts (females)

_____ The way my sex organs look or smell

_____ The frequency of method of my masturbation

_____ Having sex on my mind too much

_____ Getting someone I like to like me

_____ Understanding how other kids my age think and what they want in relationships

_____ Wondering if I will know how to have sex

_____ Some of the dreams or fantasies I’ve had and whether or not they are normal

_____ Wondering when it is right for me to start being sexual with someone

_____ The effects of looking at sexy pictures, books, or movies

_____ The desire to see the nude body of a female

_____ The desire to see the nude body of a male

_____ Becoming a teen parent

_____ Getting a sexually transmitted disease like AIDS

_____ Where to get contraception (like condoms or birthcontrol pills)

_____ Being approached sexually by a male

_____Being approached sexually by a female

_____ Being uncomfortable talking to my parents about sexuality

_____ Other things: _____________________________________________________

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