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In any case, there was a thriving market for floral artists of Rachel's level of renown. Whether they were friends or not is an interesting conjecture but not really relevant, even if Marie may have had some limited influence as how to recover instagram password Rachel's work. Marie van Oosterwijck, though in every way her equal, did not. The art critic and biographer, Arnold Houbraken, eulogized van Oosterwijck, but did not consider her how to get instagram password be a professional artist, despite the serious content, the exceptional quality, and the very large sums paid for her paintings by high profile collectors and members of European royalty. Van Oosterwijck, receives only brief, half-hearted, mention by but one writer. In 1999, one of her paintings sold at auction for $508,000. Marie Oosterwijck had an agent, one who promoted her career and her paintings among the wealthy art collectors and royalty of Germany, France, England, Poland, Austria, and virtually everywhere else that financial fortunes flowed freely for flowery wall decorations.

Van Aelst even courted Marie van Oosterwijck for a time. Now, the differences. Marie van Oosterwijck died in 1693 at the age of sixty three. Juxtaposed side by side with this ultimate example of the professional "working mother," Marie Oosterwijck could be considered the ultimate example of a savvy professional businesswomen, at a time when neither traits were common in Dutch society and especially the wildly competitive Dutch art world. Ruysch was seen by later art historians as one of the greatest Dutch painters of her time, certainly among women artist. As the photo below depicting the original character concept dating from about that time, is compared to his newest incarnation (right) it's plain the original super-hero has lost a little weight, updated his costume (ridding himself of the silly red briefs), and refined his logo. Art historians have deemed Rachel as among the top two or three floral artists of both the 16th and 17th-centuries. The Dutch love flowers, to the point of being a little crazy, even silly about them (in 1637, there was a financial panic brought on by a bursting "bubble" in the tulip bulb market).

Marie often painted vanitas still-lifes, meaning arrangements of objects having to do with the temporal nature of life (another Dutch infatuation). Van Oosterwijck was deeply religious, often imbuing her paintings with profound spiritual meaning through the use of various symbols involving time and the fragile nature of life itself--skulls, hourglasses, books, globes, half-eaten food, money, insects, wilted leaves, and of course, flowers. By contrast, Rachel Ruysch's paintings were mostly decorative, beautiful to look at in their exquisite detail, but having little real meaning beyond that. Spy on Sponsored Product Ads: These little ads on Amazon can tell you a lot about who’s making money… Experiencing, listening to the other experience, adventuring, instagram hacks researching, training, and also a lot more functional activities could assist you to enhance.