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We need a "VENDORS' PEOPLES' PARK". Allow me to rant about a few issues.

  1. In the effort to "recycle" it was impossible to post a flyer. One wasn't allowed to leave hand outs on any tables because they were immediately thrown into "recycling". I picked thru recycling and actually returned stacks of decent literature back to "vendors". Why can't we have a public bulletin board? In the efforts to keep paper to a minimum, those who spent money on info and ink jet cartridges were frustrated to find their work in the trash before anyone could see it.
  2. There are many worthwhile UU projects who do not have $500 plus to rent a table. There was a football field of unused floor space in the Exhibition Hall. I propose a "Vendors' Peoples' Park" so that ALL congregations have an opportunity to show their efforts! A commission could go back to UUA! Why not? I ran around in circles trying to get my Interweave Cloths into consignment, perfectly willing to pay the fee. The feedback I got from most was encouraging but there were nasty remarks I caught, as well.

Hope my remarks catch the attention of the committee!!! Peace Folks.