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UU Websters

The Websters mailing list is designed to allow webmasters to ask and answer questions about building and maintaining websites for their congregation and/or district.

UUA Resources

Other UU-related Resources

Policy Issues

  • What online privacy issues should I pay attention to?
  • What policy should a congregation's webmaster follow?

Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Design Issues

Content Management

News & Newsletters

Site Management

Search Engine Optimization

Site Syndication

  • What is site syndication? What's the difference between RSS/ATOM/XML/RDF?
  • Why would I want to syndicate my site?
    • One classic example would be to provide a "feed" of information on your Sunday services. That way, as soon as you put new information up on your web site, anyone who watched the feed would get the up-to-date information.
  • Which UU churches or people have syndicated site feeds?
  • Check out news aggregators for the software people use to read syndication feeds.
  • How can we view all these current UU headlines if all we have is a browser?

Parking Lot Questions

aka wiki-pages waiting for someone to create.

  • What web security issues should I pay attention to?
  • How do I allow private and secure connections to my web site (SSL/TLS) and make my own certificate?
  • How do I create an intranet and/or "private area" which restricts access to just our members?
  • What are effective stewardship practices for our website?
  • What are the pros/cons of joining affiliate programs like Amazon.com?
  • Copyright Policy : Who owns the sermons : the minister or the congregation?
  • My Finance Committee wants to use PayPal : what should I tell them?
  • How can I get listservs (as in multiple) up and running ? What are my options??