FUUCSL minutes June 2008

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UUSL Leadership Group Minutes for 6/4/08

Leadership Group Members present: : Otenth Paderborn, Pomona Writer, Beacon Questi, Bizarre Berry, Sofia Freenote (absent Etaoin Barcelona) Visitors (for some or part of meeting): Thisbe Blackadder, Zizzy Zarf Acuminious Watanabe, Pinkpeony Trefoil, Jenrose Meredith, Cyfer Braess, Reverend Leshelle

The meeting was held in the conference center in Zoshchenko and began at 6:44 pm. Otenth read opening words, introductions were made and joys and concerns shared.

Minutes: The minutes were distributed to those who did not already have them and they were accepted as distributed.

Worship Service Leaders: There are no openings for the next few weeks. Sofia noted that the google calendar and the wiki are redundant and recommended that we discontinue updating the google calendar. This was accepted. The wiki is available at http://www.uuism.net/uuwiki/index.php?title=FUUCSL_Schedule and this url will also be noted in the notecard of Worship Service Leaders which is in the welcome area at Lovelace.

GA: Sofia reported that Etaoin had a power outage in RL and had asked her to this report: The powerpoint presentation is in its final stages of tweaking and fiddling.

Treasurer’s Report: As of 6/2/2008 we have 29 members. L$47,429 has been pledged and L$22,049 has been collected. The pledge period is the calendar year of 2008. Pledge payments must be sent to FUUCSLTreasurer Byk. Free will offerings to the plate in Lovelace are a separate account.

Nominations: Pomona reported that 10 candidates have self-nominated and given her candidate statements. The Leadership Group agreed to accept tonight’s self-nomination by Bizarre Berry but not extend the deadline for nominations in general.

Elections: Otenth proposed that, for our election mechanism, we send the url of the survey mechanism we had tested previously (on orcadia.org) to voting members via notecard or IM. A few other mechanisms were suggested that might be more secure or more anonymous. Otenth remarked that “You can have a secret ballot, or you can assure that no one cheat. Pick one.” In the end we agreed to use Otenth’s survey mechanism which entails some minimal risk of an individual submitting more than one ballot.

Election timeline: After throwing around many dates, we agreed that candidate statements would be distributed tomorrow (June 5) and that voting be held from June 12 to June 19, with the results announced at the June 19 service. Individuals who wish to join FUUCSL and vote in this election must contact FUUCSLTreasurer Byk by the end of the service on June 12. Pomona and Otenth will meet to draft a detailed notice which will be sent to everyone in UUSL group announcing the election.

Election Forums: There will not be a formal campaign forum. No restrictions were placed on the manner in which any individual may campaign.

Land Acquisition: CoyoteAngel has been offered a full sim, free of charge, for taking on the monthly fee of $295 and she has offered the sim to the church, should we wish to acquire it, and would permit us to rent part of it. After some discussion, it was agreed that we did not have the membership nor the pledges to undertake an acquisition of this magnitude at this time. We agreed that should we ever wish to make such a decision, a congregational vote would be essential. Otenth will convey our thanks and regrets to CoyoteAngel.

The group thanked Otenth, who is retiring from the Leadership Group, for being our moderator during this initial period of organization.

We adjourned at 8:21 pm SLT.

Next meeting: Wednesday July 2 at 6:30 pm in the Conference Center in Zoshchenko.

Respectfully submitted, Sofia Freenote Secretary/Treasurer