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Every once in a while on the Websters list someone will say "I think the X church's web site is really good". This page is an attempt to collect these sites in one convenient location so that we can all learn from each other.

(For now I'm including what people have said about the site on websters-l, without attribution.)
From webster-l on 2005-05-21: "I was very impressed. (And not just because I used to live on the Palouse and love the place, either.) This seems to me to be 99th percentile design work for a UU site. The only thing I'd change is to have it be CSS-based rather than table based, but that's a religious thing."
From webster-l on 2005-05-21: Scott Wells said "What sold me for the Harrisonburg, Va. site was the extra content that made routine administration easier, as in rental pix and Sunday worship planning."

Also, some people have collected their own lists of congregational web sites they admire: