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I broke up the page as Tyler suggested.

- Margy Levine Young, 12/15/2009

Suggested guidelines for editing the OWL pages:

  1. Make minor edits (punctuation, phrase clarification and the like) as you feel fit.
  2. Make moderate edits if you have been a sizable contributor to the entry in the past, and if your edits have not substantially generated controversy in the past.
  3. All major edits (and moderate edits that don't apply to (2)) require discussion. A "discussion" tab on any page gets set aside for people to say what they want to change.
  4. Radical and unexpected changes get undone, either by other users or by "wiki administrators".

- Tyler Carpenter

Especially with the addition of the Charlotte Church OWL-expansion suggestions for many lessons, this page is getting somewhat unwieldy for a single purpose. Is it possible to change this so that there are the OWL-L page becomes more of a section and for the lessons and suggestions to become pages in themselves?

I'd like to propose that this page be expanded into some 30 or so pages -- 1 for each lesson, one for the general expansions, one for the movies page, one for public discussions, and so on.

- Tyler Carpenter 12/14/2009