Web Hosting Services:

Premium Full-Featured Web Hosting Accounts: Starting at $36 per year for 60 MB of space with free setup. Plans are available for any size account up to 8000 MB (8.0 GB) or more. Click on Web Hosting for more details or contact the Hostmaster (hostmaster -at- uuism.net).

UU Web Templates:

UUism Networks has created Web Templates for congregations. The Unitarian Universalist Web Templates are the perfect means to create a quality web site in a small amount of time.

Domain Name Services:

  • Domain Name Registration - Only $14 per year with free setup for domain names that end in .com/.net/.org. Registration can be arranged for one or more years.
  • The Domain Name Registration (DNR) can be updated at http://access.enom.com.  Enter the domain name and DNR password.  If the password is left blank, the next web page will contain a link to sent the password to the Admin Contact email address.
  • Domain Aliases - Free with DNR.
  • URL Aliases - Free with DNR.
  • Email Aliases - Free  with DNR.

Mailing List Services:

UUism Networks offers Mailman mailing lists. Each Web Hosting Account comes with unlimited mailing lists. Other Accounts can obtain a Mailing List for $4 per year.

User Accounts:

Each User Account comes with Web Site, Subdirectory Access (FTP) and Email Server Access (POP3) - $9 per year for 30 MB with free setup and free subdomain.

FREE Services:

  • Free User Account for each UU Congregation - 30 MB of storage with one Email Address and FTP Account.
  • One Free Mailman Mailing List for each UU Congregation.
  • One Free Email Account for every UU - 30 MB of storage with Email Server Access (POP3 or IMAP)
  • No Banners - No Pop-Ups - No Advertising on any and all UUN Services