UUism Networks provides full service Domain Name Registration (DNR) and DNS Services through our Domain Registrar at BulkRegister.com, now part of eNom.com.  Every DNR comes with a free option for Email Forwarding and Web Site Creator Lite.  See www.uuserver.com for an example.  Also, every DNR comes with user access to update Contacts and Nameservers at http://access.enom.com.

Domain Name Registration

The Domain Name Registration fee is $14 per year for domain names that end in .com/.net/.org. Setup is free. For additional years of registration, the fees are reduced:

  • 1 year - $14.00
  • 3 years - $13.50 x 3 = $34.50
  • 5 years - $13.00 x 5 = $55.00
  • 9 years - $12.50 x 9 = $94.50

DNR Updates and Maintenance

The Domain Name Registration can be updated at http://access.enom.com.  Enter the domain name and DNR password.  If the password is left blank, the next web page will contain a link to sent the password to the Admin Contact email address.

DNS Services (Free as of 1/1/2012)

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the technology that ties text-based domain names to the numeric IP Addresses that are necessary to locate a server on the Internet. DNS Services can:

  • Specify a default IP address for a domain name (A Record)
  • Park a domain name to the default Future UUN Member Home Page.
  • Specify a mail server for a domain name (i.e. MX Record)
  • Forward email for the entire domain to a single email address.
  • Specify subdomains that independently point to any IP address or URL.
  • Forward email for individual email addresses.